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Organization involved in conditional construction activities will be granted certificate of capacity

From 01 September 2016, according to the new Circular No. 17/2016/TT-BXD providing instruction on capacity of organizations and individuals issued by the Ministry of Construction ("Circular 17"), organizations must obtain capacity certificates when engaging in following activities:

a) Construction survey including to pographical survey; geological and hydrogeological survey;

b) Formulation of construction planning

c) Construction designs and design verifications includes architectural design; structural designs; electrical and mechanical designs; water supply and drainage designs; ventilation – heat supply and release designs; communications network designs; fire safety designs.

d) Formulation and verification of construction investment projects

dd) Construction investment project management

e) Construction work

g) Construction supervision includes supervision of civil work construction, installation of equipment and technological equipment of works;

h) Construction inspection.

i) Construction cost management and verification.

Circular 17 also provides regulation on Practice Certificate Exam and procedure for obtaining Practice Certificate and Capacity Certificate.

Circular 17 takes effect from 01 September 2016 and replaces a series of circulars, which are Circular No. 12/2009/TT-BXD dated June 24, 2009, Circular No. 05/2010/TT-BXD dated May 26, 2010, Circular No. 22/2009/TT-BXD dated July 06, 2009, Circular No. 25/2009/TT-BXD and Circular No. 11/2014/TT-BXD